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Originally Posted by Mister X View Post
It would appear you have not skimmed through this thread Eye Pod. There are pictures of closed shops, do you know how many? Consider why..... think of extremely high rates, exorbitant or non existent insurance due to flooding and insane public liability scamming. Online shopping. No incentive for anyone to come and spend time in the lovely plazas. No coffee shops, restaurants. No toilets. Needle Park, dangerous people hanging around. There are pictures of almost empty streets in dry weather at prime times of day. You consider 'Footfall' as more valid evidence? The only Footfall figures presented were by City Hall, measured at the height of the Tourist Season. They compared that to mid winter and there's your evidence, Footfall is Up. Believe that or get real. Panaban is just one of many contributors. City Hall has been attacking the presence of vehicles for decades. Vast areas of road (and plenty of on street parking) have been replaced with vast swathes of slippery when wet paving.
They are presuming pedestrianisation is good because it has been done in many Cities very beautifully. But those Cities have Metros and efficient Bus networks. Many are also flat with extensive Cycle lanes and the weather to make that practical.
Complete over the top negativity. Cork is doing ok; great job opportunities for a small city, decent food options, it's safe and has a good nightlife. Cork has such ridiculous polarizing opinions online; the Save Cork City/Green Party/John Adams Artist crowd seem to think that Cork is Venice in the 17th century and every brick in the city is a core piece of a living museum of unimaginable value while the John Grace/Mister X/Pana Ban Taliban seem to think Cork is in the midst of an economic Mongol invasion; a city under attack where hope, rents, money and business of all kinds are looted by malicious faceless city councilors. In reality things could be better but they are ok...

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