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Originally Posted by SoundMan View Post
Congrats Pearly - you've taken your ignorant fuckwittery to a whole new level. You clearly haven't a Scooby what went on in the north and but any time there's murders PROVEN by their own legal system against the machinery of the state you come up with your whataboutery.
Of course Republicans killed people - and those people's families still mourn. That alas is the nature of such conflicts on both sides. BUT, and here is where you and the other craw-thumpers glibly look away or try to deflect with your whataboutery - the agents of the state, the UK that purported to be a government of the citizens there, the ones that people would in general turn to for protection in time of trouble, they were the ones carrying out these murders.

Have a wee think about that Pearly - imagine if the Gardaí were actually targeting people for murder, providing weapons to criminal gangs to carry them out, and then holding only sham investigations into the murder as they knew rightly who were involved, including some of their own members.

Have a wee think about that before you come up with your puerile comments
Fuck off you thick barstool cunt lol.
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