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Originally Posted by morello View Post
Mcgrath prob not helping with the articles he’s writing on what needs to be done to sort it out, and all but saying ‘I’d love to go back’

They played great stuff against Galway in Nolan Park in the league semi. He’s unearthed 2 excellent new defenders (Lyons & Prunty) - the problem is, and always has been, an inability to hit a score of anywhere near around 30 points which is what it is taking to win games over the last 2 years.

The lack of sharpshooting forwards is why Mcgrath went Uber defensive over the last few years also. Devine was a big loss for them & paddy Curran looked like being the great white hope but just hasn’t happened for him. Expect Brick back into the HF line for the limerick game, I’d swap Moran and Gleeson also. I wouldn’t be surprised if they turn limerick over.
Was at the Balls.ie night up in the Glen a few weeks back and McGrath was really coming across that he'd love to go back. He was tipping up Waterford this year big time and said he couldnt see Cork getting thru Munster. I still feel Waterford will be a dangerous animal coming to the Pairc, even if they are out by then. Thank god in a way that we get to sit and watch the others tear the shit out of each other the next day.
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