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Old 27-06-2019, 07:49 AM
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Originally Posted by SoundMan View Post
That would make sense if the other Sorting Offices were closing as well. But they're not. The strange thing imho on this is that Athlone, AND Portlaoise, and Dublin are staying open.

Do An Post own the actual site in Little Island? If they do then maybe the money to be made from selling the site was a contributory factor.

They weren't unskilled workers by the way, and I don't know what you mean by cushy jobs but I suspect you never had to work shift work. It's ok when you're young but from about 30 on it gets more and more difficult.
By skilled i mean formal off the job training thats cerfified.

By unskilled i dont mean to demean anybody.

Neil and pj and paul byrne are unskilled in that they have no qualifications.

By getting stuck in, going at it hard and a little luck they suceeded.

I know folks working for an post......its a cushy number.

As for shift.....hell no. I used to do on call many years ago but to be honest , these days i dont need the money.

Agreed that shift is deffo a young mans game but shift workers do know that its part of the gig and they do get their 33% extra.
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