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Old 25-03-2009, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by POL View Post
reduced to reverse psychology tactics when you thought the SFI would be in hiding, did eddieb pm you to tell you to post that where do they get these lads from?
ah come on now like. ye are in bad shape. there is no reverse psychology like. ye are posting at a rate of 5 seconds across 4 or 5 threads. if that is not rattlement then i dont know what is like. the subject does not even matter anymore. the fact that ye are fighting so hard on so many fronts is admirable but proof of the rattlement. id say something if it was a snmall rattlement but ye are making it way worse and into what is now surely the top rattlement of all time. i have no work done liek and cant even remember which thread im on over all this. such fun to watch.
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