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As regards broadway, better to book in advance on either Ticketmaster or Telecharge (depends on who owns the Theatre the show is in) if you have a strong preference for a specific show. Otherwise TKTS for same day discount tickets is fine if you're not fussed. Their South Street Seaport outlet if often much quieter if you're around the lower east side. Mid week evening shows and (Wed matinees for non kiddie shows - TKTS the day before) will have better availability. They haveTicket tip - often Front mezzanine seats significantly better than mid or rear orchestra level.

Times square/theatre district is tourist central - you're better to walk a few blocks or get a subway (don't avoid the subway, it's fine). Personally I'd walk west and look for a diner around 9th/10th/11th avenues - Clinton is the neighborhood - used to be Hells Kitchen. Mostly gentrified now but good for a night out too if you don't fancy hitting the village.

I like to visit a good Jewish Deli when in NY- Katz's Delicatessen is the most iconic deli but there's other good ones. McSorley's ale house is a great old style Irish American (in the good sense...) bar in the village - two beers McSorley's light and dark, sawdust on the floor - cash only. Other 'dive' bars I always liked are the Kettle of Fish (Jack Kerouac's old watering hole in the east village - better to visit late at night) and Milano's Bar on Houston.
Thanks FF. Some good info there.
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