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Originally Posted by Muintir View Post
The achievements of Hugo Chavez as Venezuelan President: Radical reduction in extreme & general poverty, Significant increase in access to education & health, Unemployment fell by 50%, highest minimum wage in Latin America, over 20 consecutive quarters of economic growth, reduced public debt to one of the lowest in world, in order to guarantee the country's food security and sovereignty, the Bolivian Government created Mission Food, whose aim is to offer basic foodstuffs to the Venezuelan population at low prices and without intermediaries, s reduction in gender inequality- women’s participation in Communal Centres is 60%; 4 out of the 5 Public Powers are headed by women. He achieved all this while being relentlessly targeted by the world's most influential military and economic power which feared that his philosophy would diffuse beyond Venezuela and pose a very real threat to it's mission of achieving geopolitical hegemony. I'm sure that the US political establishment will continue to undermine his legacy through domestic infiltration, strategising for regime change and peddling anti-Chavez propaganda through so-called "news" outlets such as Fox and Sky. Let the elitist revisionism begin, Viva Chavez!
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