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Originally Posted by Falling At Your Feet View Post
Have been looking around recently,(just looking) and some of the MPG on some of the newer diesel low emission cars are fairly impressive.

All figures below are Extra Urban driving, but all give 60 plus on town driving.

23,180 ex works, Motor Tax 104
Golf 1.6 TDI Blue Motion 105HPgives 83.1 mpg or 3.4 L/100 kms

24,847 ex works, Motor Tax 104
Volvo C30 1.6 D DRIVe (Start/Stop) gives 83.5 mpg or 3.4 L/100kms

21,492 ex works, Motor Tax 104
Peugeot 308 Hdi 1.6 90 bhp gives 74.6 mpg or 3.9L/100 kms

Theres a general consensus around that the Peugeot 308 has the best fuel economy of any car around, but it clearly does not.

There is a bit of a price premium for driving some of these, but if you are doing a lot of mileage, and only paying 104 in motor tax a year, it can add up to a fairly big saving on an anuual basis.

Was talking about this recently with a friend of mine. He is currently paying 860 a year in motor tax for 2.3 litre diesel and the fuel economy is bad at 30 mpg average.
In this case, over 3 years, one of the 3 cars above will save 2,268 in motor tax alone , plus as the fuel economy is say doubled(to 60 mpg minimum), the 3 year fuel saving based on 10,000 miles(16,000kms) is around 2,800.

So a total 3 year saving of 5,068, or a 6 year saving of just over 10 grand.

the urban figure is the only one that you should be looking at unless you are driving at 70mph all day long without braking once...
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