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Originally Posted by Philby View Post
From a newyorker article:

Perhaps most important is the new pacesetter formation. Robby Ketchell, a sports scientist and an expert in aerodynamics, who also consulted on Breaking2, told me that he decided to completely rethink how best to shield Kipchoge from the head wind created by running at thirteen miles per hour. Using software for computational flow dynamics, and his experience of working with the Ineos cycling team, he experimented with hundreds of different scenarios. Eventually, he hit on what he believes is the best design. “When you see how they’re going to run, you’d wonder how that would even work,” Ketchell told me this week. In brief, the idea is that the front V shape of five runners will create a wash of air that will flow around Kipchoge, and therefore reduce the drag on him.

Two runners behind Kipchoge will provide what Ketchell calls “static pressure,” to push Kipchoge along; they will also help create the “optimal flow” around him. (Most interestingly, Ketchell says that the pace car, which will drive fifteen meters in front of the lead pacesetters, and will emit a laser line on the road to keep the runners on schedule, will detract from this aerodynamic planning; if it were entirely up to him, he would have no car.)
Interesting - thanks for that. What a run. I called 1.59.42 about 15k out but belief did waver for a bit.
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