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Old 28-02-2012, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Langeroo View Post
If you want to blame FF for irresponsible government then you have to blame FG/Lab for obstructing them with reckless promises.

If you want to blame FF for being incompetent, then you have to question the competence of the then opposition that couldn't unseat them.

If you didn't hear it Shane Ross said on Morning Ireland last October that he would hang every Banker from the nearest lamppost.
Langeroo, my friend, it is this classic FF horsehit of 'blame the opposition' for 14 years of rank incompetence while FF were in power that is symptomatic of FF's problems. This thread is about FF's future.

I have simply pointed out the hatred for FF that exists in the electorate and why this is unlikely to change as long as FFers continue to insult them by a) parading some of the leadership fro 1997-2011 (Martin, O Cuiv, o Dea) and b) refusing to differentiate between the policies that wrecked the economy, (overspending, corruption, incompetence) and those that became necessary to remedy the situation, ie. austerity).

You can deliberately misunderstand me and obfuscate all you like. I don't really care. You are simply shooting the messenger, like the FF leadership.

And throwing out the wild bleatings of an independent TD is simply more distraction from the theme of this thread.

Enjoy the Ard Fheis.

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