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Originally Posted by TykeTastic View Post
Hecky to Leeds. Upsetting, and hard to put into words what I am feeling but I'll have a go.

My favourite time bar none was watching the Clark team evolve into the Hunter team and spent most of my teens watching not only the best football at Oakwell but the very best of times. The French have a word - terroir - for everything that is good about wine; the soil, the grape, the temperature, the cellar; the culmination of all that makes the perfect wine. I'd like to think there was a similar word to describe the experience at Oakwell in the early 80's. For me it was Norman Hunter, 11 players and a sub, massive crowds, passionate crowds, the smell of bovril, pies and tobacco, the smell of chimney smoke walking towards the ground, the club shop, my beloved corner of the Ponty, the walk back to the bus station surrounded by good folk, honest folk, blokes in NCB jackets buzzing about what they had just seen on the pitch. There should be a word for it, maybe one day I'll invent one.
Fast forward a few years, after the Prem dream it went downhill. But a man called Patrick Cryne emerged from the darkness and rebuilt my - our - dream. I can clearly remember (but can't find) some message he wrote or emailed BEFORE he took over. I paraphrase, but he mentioned his dream of seeing essentially 11 players with an allegiance to the area, playing good honest football, trying to entertain a good local crowd without being ruined by money.The antithesis of what football has become.

And I now realise that from 2015 to current times he pretty much gave us that. Going to Oakwell with my lads, especially THAT season, was as close as I got to both Patrick's dream and to my memories of those halcyon early 80's days. The drive to Barnsley, parking up and time with good folks in the Dove or in Redfearns followed by good honest football provided by a good honest manager was a renewed experience; something that I hope my lads remember in the same way I had done.

I no longer live in the town, but have loved following them from over here. Being a Barnsley fan in the face of the Premier. Patrick and Hecky's era made me love football again. Proper honest football.
If he goes, I'll find it hard to wish him well. Especially to a club I grew up hating. Part of me doesn't blame him. He's trying to better himself, like I am constantly trying to do. But he's a fan, like me, or so I thought. I don't want it to end. Even without Patrick at the helm, I DO NOT WANT IT TO END.
Results aren't that good, performances have dipped. But the last three years have been as close to experiencing the 'terroir' I'll possibly ever know.

Scribbled in a sulk, apologies for any rambling or typos


Nah, great post though.
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