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Old 20-09-2019, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by DanDan View Post
Tolerance of the Catholic Church in Ireland has gone well then?

That is incorrect in several ways. Mostly it is just amateur legalese riposte, which doesn't at all answer the obvious question asked. i.e. Was there a stage erected and a Mass said, was Patrick Street closed, and if so for how long? Perhaps more disturbingly if you are a Legal Pro, the English seems flawed. , doesn't really make any sense at all. You keep asking for evidence of obvious facts. Do you need proof that the world exists to get out of bed in the morning? Do you have no Faith in Reality? IMO Legal stuff should be contained in the Courts. Quarantined, ready for burning. It is unnatural, often unjust, and blatantly sociopathic. I was there recently. Wigs FFS.... Wigs. And an insufferably arrogant uninformed judge. Lawyers, Politicians, Bankers...... Ugh.

The question you asked was had it been replaced with a procession, which it hadn't, as it has always been a procession.

I asked for evidence to back up your claim that a crowd of 10,000 was planned for. An article from catholic.net is not evidence.

It seems that you can't provide evidence, and so have decided to whinge about lawyers instead.

Minister for Justice
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