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Old 22-11-2019, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by gingin View Post
Speak for yourself. There's a fantastic core of support for the international team.
I get what you're saying that the premier league fans see it as an unwelcome distraction to the greatest league in the world TM. but I dare say most match going Ireland fans and indeed many LOI fans would be inclined to see it as a break form the incessant soap opera that the premier league has become!
I've been following Ireland home and away for 40 odd years, (less so away since the kids started to multiply) but I still get the same enjoyment out of following the international teams. The buzz at the u21 games in Tallaght this campaign have been nothing short of amazing.
Proper order too.

No decent father should be schlepping to Tbilisi while his kids ride eachother back home.
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