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Old 05-04-2019, 06:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Beamish View Post
Im not.

The fact team mates arnt too pleased with the guy migjt suggest he isnt a popular figure in the dressing room.

Anyone that engages in racist taunting is a brainless twat but antagonosing supporters is also pointless.

Let your football do the talking and let the cctv get the dopes banned for life.
Jesus. Truly depressing post. How exactly can he antagonise people into doing something they are already doing? How can you suggest hes a jerk without any proof and make no judgement whatsoever about the bizarre and unsupportive stances of his teammate and manager which hardly portray them in a good light? Do nothing about this and nothing happens. It just goes on and on. CCTV cameras dont educate anybody. For a 19-year-old kid his response was mild, restrained and heroic.
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