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Old 01-02-2018, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by poulgorm View Post
I doubt if you have fibre broadband.

You probably have fibre to a cabinet somewhere in your area: from there it is copper to your house.
Confirmed by the call out electrician/engineer guy.
I was already aware of this.
Once your nearest exchange is upgraded to efibre you are considered to be in a efibre zone according to the Eir experts.
Which again allows them to advertise speeds "up to 100mB", which nobody will ever hope to get!

Anyone using Vodafone! I know they piggy back on the Eir system, but they are a little cheaper. You just get a Vodafone modem to replace the Eir one and what you get from Eir is what you will continue to receive.

Is worth the change cost wise, any advice or experience will help.

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