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"right lads, I said. A team are going to line up 4 2 3 1. B team the usual 4 4 2. blank faces from A team. the kind of face you had when you first tried long division. I drew it on the whiteboard. big circles. smithy, you go here, holding midfield, jamesy, you're in the hole. again with the blank faces. a hand goes up. what smithy? can I play midfield? are you deaf? I just told you, you're in the hole, attacking midfield. jesus wept. amateurs. we start training. headless chickens. the lads can't understand splitting up the midfield between defense and attack. two of them actually run into each other. I grab jamesy by the neck and throw him off the field. enough jamesy! I yell. this is how you do it. I stop training and show them some clips from the semi final against juventus. just do this lads, it's not hard. training starts again. I take holding midfield. I see B team centre forward blake acting a bit flash. I go in on him hard. just below the knee. I think. he wails. grow some balls ffs. he was out for 3 months after. he won't do it again. training ends. 0-0. disgusted. it was the under 7s, but still, you expect a certain level of commitment.
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When did Italy become a Latin country?
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it's about time they made this similar to the 7s and broth in a bowl, plate, shield to give teams more gams.
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