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Smile Off Down To Youghal We Go


Off Down To Youghal We Go

A brand new song has just been released that celebrates the famed
seaside town of Youghal in east Cork - a Mecca for generations of Corkonians who
travelled there by train in their droves in the summertime.

The title of the song: Off Down To Youghal We Go (Lyrics & Music by Richard T. Cooke),
is a phrase that's often been used down through the years by many a Corkonian.

Youghal in County Cork is one of Ireland's famed beaches. Stretching for miles,
it's easy to see what attracts people to this heavenly place.

In 1954, Hollywood came to town when John Huston, Gregory Peck and their Moby
Dick film put this east Cork seaside resort on the world map. From then on it's
been a favourite holiday spot with people travelling from abroad and from the
four corners of Ireland, most especially native Corkonians who made their weekly
pilgrimage there in their droves when summer arrived.

In the 50s, 60s and 70s trains and cars jam-packed with families headed off down
to Youghal and filled the beach to overflowing. Children with buckets and shovels
built billy-billy baker castles in the sand and splashed and paddled in the water
with their tubes and beach balls while their parents looked on, taking a well-deserved
rest as they soaked up the Caribbean sunshine, embraced by the freshness of the
warm, salty breeze billowing in from the sea.

Others liked to take a leisurely stroll through the ancient town and view its historic
elegant buildings and quaint streets, lanes and quays which featured in the Hollywood
movie, while fishing and boating were other popular pursuits. For the romantics
at heart, the Showboat and Strand Palace Ballrooms were a big attraction during
those years as was the very popular Redbarn Ballroom which was graced with
international superstars of the day. And not forgetting Perks Funfair -
a magical place for us kids who never wanted to go home.

Today, Youghal still retains its popularity for holiday makers and day trippers with its
feast of summer entertainment which includes festivals such as the Moby Dick,
Queen of the Sea, Food and Mackerel and the Medieval Festival.

Download the song:
Off Down To Youghal We Go
for free
on YouTube and Sound Cloud.



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