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Old 11-05-2006, 02:07 PM
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Question Suzuki Jimny - Advise please

Hi all,

I'm off to have a look at a 99 Suzuki Jimny later on, mileage is 60k & the asking price is 6,500. It has central locking, alarm, remote central locking, drivers air bag, CD player, adjustable steering wheel & rear head rests. It's had 2 owners & the previous owner had it for 5 years before trading it in. From sussing out prices elsewhere this seems like a good deal to me & I have a punto which the garage have said will accept as a trade in. The punto, to be fair, is a wee bit battered so I dunno if I'll get much but anything off the price is always good.

Anyhoo, being a typical girl I know bugger all about cars. I'm just looking for general advise from other Jimny owners as to their reliability & all that jazz. IMHO they're cute to look at & I've always wanted one but that's no good if the car turns out to be crap.

Thanks y'all!
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