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Originally Posted by gougane View Post
In my opinion,Red&Blue, what happens is that managements in Cork place far too much faith in systems and not nearly enough in the players. The first major shortcoming of this is that the players lose the ability to think for themselves and to play what’s in front of them. Instead they mindlessly continue to follow the system even when it's failing. Secondly, they fail to realise that when you go out on to the field getting the better of your man is paramount. Thirdly, systems look very good when they work but by and large good managements usually have figured out a system to counteract it by the time the second half begins. As a result when the system fails you are left with nothing.

The tools to fight it out are the mindset and the skill set of the players. The mindset is the determination not to be beaten by the man you’re marking. The skills needed to fight it out are the basic core skills of competing for the ball and being able to tackle properly. Personally I couldn’t emphasise enough the importance of tackling.
Gougane - you say management are placing too much faith in a system. But, the problem is, that they are placing their faith in the wrong system, the losing system, which has failed over the last 14 years. They need to place thier faith in the Cody system. This is the winning system, which won 8 titles in 10 years. They need to adopt Cody's winning system of gang tackling, and ditching the short passing game, which has broken down too often for Cork, and gifted easy scores to the opposition, as clearly evidenced in our recent game against KK, where we gifted them 6 or 7 points from our short passing game breaking down.

You say - a system causes players to lose the ability to think for themselves. The Cody system has not caused the KK players to lose the ability to think for themselves. The Cody gang tackling system has given his players the mindset and steel to dominate the opposition - this system won 8 titles in 10 years - why not copy it - it is a no brainer.

You say - good management figure out a way to counteract a system. In the last game against KK, Cody figured out a way to counteract the Cork short passing game - they broke it down and were gifted 6/7 easy points. That is why Cork should ditch this disasterous short passing game. As regards the Cody gang tackling system - nobody has been able to counteract this system - that is why he won 8 out of 10 titles. Tipp, Galway and Limerick won their recent titles by copying the Cody system, not by counteracting it with something better.

Why have Cork management failed to adopt the proven Cody winning system as defined in my post numbers 34924 and 34938. It is because of one of these 3 reasons, which one is it -
1. Cork management recognise that the Cody system is the best winning system, but they refuse to adopt it because it is not the Cork way.
2. Cork management have tried to coach their players to adopt the Cody system, but the players refuse to do it.
3. Cork management have not got the brains to see that the Cody system is the proven winning system.
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