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Originally Posted by Stacky View Post
Make your observation then during the planning process. Cork has to be even more ambitious than Dublins 6/7 storey boring quayside developments to attract business to the 2nd city.

Currently those buildings are crumbling and there is little or no public access and with architectural conservation on the customs house building and bonded warehouses they will not be permitted to "destroy" anything.

The whole North & South Docks are finally taking off with modern developments planned it will be unrecognisable in the next 10 - 15 years.

You cannot do this stuff West of the city as it is largely a housing urban sprawl apart from Victoria Cross which is hideous student apts and the county hall.

The Docklands is a blank canvass space suitable for this as the NIMBY "It will spoil my view of Shandon" will nit be an issue and walking distance to the city centre and a boost to the central core with workers and people living there etc contributing funds and rates to actually improve the city itself. Cork is also competing with other cities for FDI that have these modern spaces available. Dublin is running out of fresh water and its sewage capacity is at peak use.

It will have to make a planning and business case before a block is even laid.
Lol, like they've conserved other projects?

Listen no need to get pissy again. We disagree on this.
I don't see it getting planning either way.
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