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Exclamation Denmark's solution to foreign criminals

The tide is turning.

Denmark to send foreign criminals to ‘desert island’

Denmark will be sending foreign criminals sentenced to deportation to a ‘desert island’, the government has announced. Convicts and rejected asylum seekers, who for different reasons cannot be sent back to their home country, will live on Lindholm – a 17-acre island around one and a half miles from mainland Denmark – so the government has ‘more control’ over where they are. Finance minister Kristian Jensen said it’s ‘not a prison’ but the ferry to and from the island will ‘not operate around the clock, and inhabitants must stay at the departure centre at night’.

He added: ‘That way we will be able to monitor where they are. People power works as France halts fuel tax rises following violent protests ‘There are more limits to how much you can move around when you are on a desert island. You are in principle obliged to remain on the island. So we will have more control over where they are.

It is a problem for us that we can see that some foreigners who have in fact been sentenced to deportation are still committing crimes, and we have no way of monitoring them.’ The proposal was secured with backing from right wing Danish People’s Party, who tweeted about it alongside an animated video of a man with brown skin being shipped to a small island.
Many have slammed the new policy and the video as ‘racist’. The tweet said: ‘Expelled, criminal aliens have nothing to do in Denmark. Until we can get rid of them, we now more them out on the island Lindholm in Stege Bay, where they will be obliged to stay at the new exit centre at night. ‘And there will be police present around the clock.’ Politician Balder Mørk Andersen hit out and said: ‘Your distasteful propaganda video is pure racism.

‘And I say this even though I also think that expelled criminal aliens should naturally be deported as soon as possible.’ World's most powerful passports where people can travel visa-free Opposition parties have criticised the policy, Uffe Elbaek MP from the environmentalist Alternative party said: ‘The green government I want to lead would never force people on to a desert island. ‘Inhuman politics are creating a completely different Denmark from the Denmark I love. Leader of the Social Liberal said the ‘non-end symbolic policy’ would create ‘new problems’ with ‘costs for everyone, aliens, Danes, all’. Mikael Smed from Socialdemokratiet said the policy simply ‘moved the problem from somewhere in the country to another.’ The exit centre is expected to open by the end of 2021. René Christensen said he would prefer to jail criminal asylum seekers, but said the island is a good compromise. He added: ‘When they’re there at night and in the evening, they do not run around and cause insecurity.’
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