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Originally Posted by TonyCork80 View Post
I used to pop in to the Costa coffee on the M62 when I was at Sunderland commuting up from Manchester. They had a nice lad working there, Mariusz was his name. Good solid pro, delivered when it counted every morning double latte, extra hot, no foam. Then one day he wasn't there anymore. Replaced by some lad called Carlos. From day 1 I hated him and he hated me. There was something I didn't like, but I just couldn't put my finger on. Maybe he reminded me of Carlos Quieroz who fucked everything up for me at United. Before him it was just me and Alex.

Anyway a sort of uneasy truce reigned between me and Carlos. He did the job, I paid my 2.99, but there was no warmth, no affection. I grew to hate the way he'd wink at the old ladies. Who does he think he is, Wayne Fucking Rooney?

It all came to a head one morning when he hands me a cappuccino. This was it. Cappu-fucking-cino. Something had to be said.

"Carlos what's this all about? I ordered a latte"

"I am so sorry, Mr.Roy. I make your latte now, and give you two extra stamps on your loyalty card"

I'd had enough of his shit. I snapped. "Loyalty?!!!! Loyalty????!!!! Don't you fucking stand there talking to me about loyalty you fucking cunt. You had one fucking job the boys at costa brought you in to do and you can't fucking do it. Where was the fucking loyalty for Mariusz? Same place as it was for Raimond van der Gouw" I fucked the coffee at his face. He squealed like a bitch. You'll look like another Carlos now, Carlos Tevez" welcome to Manchester, you cunt.

People go on about me like I'm some kind of thug going around starting fights with people. I can sense it when I'm in a room. I have a laugh to myself though, what would they have thought of Cloughie?
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