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Old 05-07-2019, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Roxetten View Post
It can throw out unruly students, it can blacklist landlords whose houses are causing an ongoing nuisance. If you ask a local resident they can point out the houses where there is hassle every year.

For this to work students would have to give their rental address at the beginning of the year, there surely could be a list drawn up of approved accommodation in the area and a second list of blacklisted addresses.

Bear in mind that some landlords are making massive profits on the back of the shortage of student accommodation.
Students expelled for being unruly would be very likely to take to the High Court and win. You must know that.

What effect will blacklisting of landlords have? What does it even mean? Under the policies advanced by the government you support, homelessness is at record highs. Students will rent from whoever offers them accommodation.
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