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Old 25-03-2014, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by johnmcork View Post
Off the top of my head;

Connor Lenihan called Turkish people 'Kebabs' - zero consequences.
Jim McDaid says people who take their own lives are 'selfish bastards' - zero consequences.

Alan Shatter is minister for justice while the Garda Commissioner (after 5 hours of questioning) makes an offhand remark about leaking the personal details of people who had penalty points quashed - he says its 'disgusting' to make public people's personal details public.

Now - you might agree that this warrants the Commissioner's resignation - but if you do - do not make any argument for data protection ever again,

But how the feck is shatter responsible for that?

Double standards all over again.
And Hitler killed a fuckload of jews and homosexuals but people in Germany didn't demand he resign.
Wait, what's your point? That because other government parties have gotten away with being incredibly corrupt, negligent and incompetent that FG should get away with stuff too? It's actually reprehensible that you would accept such a low moral aspiration of those in public office.

The better thing to do (and maybe even the easier thing to do) is accept a mistake and move on.
Shatter could well have prevented all of this trouble by doing virtually nothing, keeping the mouth shut, saying "I'll wait and review an independent report". But he can't help but to attack people: Pyrrhic victories one and all of them.
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