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Old 30-09-2015, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Mick Lyons View Post
In the eyes of the law, if you are underage and technically unable to give your informed consent, you are a victim.
However, let's look at this on a purely intellectual level.
Say, as an underage boy or girl of 15, you had consensual (not in a legal sense obvs) sex with an older man or woman, and enjoyed it and came out of the experience emotionally intact.
Now, say your parents or a teacher found out and there was uproar.
You are now a rape victim in the eyes of everyone around you.
Which is more damaging, the act itself, or the response of society?


Excellent point Mick.
If the lad has face like a cat after a feed of cream then he should be given 100 lines and told not to do it again. The interference of society in this is going to make everything worse for him. However, the teacher does have some questions to answer about having sex with a minor.
What is the age of consent in Ireland btw?
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