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Originally Posted by Todays_Bread_Today
Lee Won Pen must be added to this list.

He was the held the world diving record for 7 years when playing for Man City during the 70's.
"There was an indication of what was to come when Lee won a penalty from Hunter with a crafty dive. Lee winked at Hunter as referee Derek Nippard gave the spot-kick and Charlie George gave the Rams the lead.

Hunter was not known as 'bites yer legs' for no reason and he didn't wait long to get his revenge. Lee had just had a shot at goal, when Hunter seized his chance and unceremoniously chopped him down from behind.

Lee quickly got up to confront Hunter but the Leeds defender was ready for him. He hit him with a hefty left hook that left Lee with a split lip.

A further round of pushing and shoving ensued as more players joined the melee. Nippard eventually managed to restore order for long enough to send both of them off.

But that wasn't the end of the matter. As both players made their way towards the touchline, the feud erupted again.
If anything the fighting was even more vicious this time.

As the blood flew, other players noticed what was going on. Leeds' captain Billy Bremner was on the scene in no time and hardly played the role of peacemaker.

It was several minutes before Nippard could get Lee and Hunter off the field and restart the game. After the players had calmed down, Derby went on to win the match with a late goal.

The brawl gained instant notoriety as it was broadcast on Match of the Day that night. Lee was hit by a hefty fine, while Hunter escaped without punishment.
classic stuff
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