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Originally Posted by Duffs View Post
Poor ol' Sound_Y. Don't you ever tire of being pwned. Looks as though SF/IRA disagree with you....

Investment west of the Bann must be supported

Sinn Féin West Tyrone MP MLA Pat Doherty has welcomed the announcement by DETI Minister Arlene Foster that £177.000 funding, from the £1.9 million Broadband Fund, is being allocated to two companies Net1/Simpliphone and North West Electronics to provide high quality, affordable wireless broadband access to certain rural areas west of the Bann where line broadband provision is still inaccessible.

Yes Duffer, west of the bann does exist. It's a place where unionists like you look down on the majority. It's been relatively deprived of infrastructure.

"West of the Bann"/"Outside the Pale"/or perhaps in Cork parlance "Northside"
SF don't speak disparagingly of West of the Bann or its people the way you did.

Clearly too subtle for you and TG to grasp.

Honest to gawd, at times you give people credit for some little bit of knowledge of the north given how often the post in one thread or another on the topic but they show they don't even have that
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