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Old 17-11-2018, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Mister X View Post
City Hall's Panaban failed. They have come back, egg covered faces, with bribes, corruption, collusion, lies.
Recently two Developers featured on the front page of the Examiner, supporting Panaban. So, collusion between the Building Industry and City Hall.
Why is White Street Car Park gone? Hundreds of affordable conveniently located Car Parking spaces sold to Developer. With projects this size, bribery and or corruption seem likely to certain.
Free Parking in the slow hard to get to multistoreys, well, not exactly free, the lost revenue will be paid for by our Taxes.
City Hall are desperate to impose Panaban to save face, be right. They refuse to accept that it was a daft idea. Their current actions and waste of public money is tantamount to Bullying. Similar to their commitment to the failed River Walls misadventure. The many failed and abandoned Cycle Lanes e.g. South Douglas Road. They are adamant at continually eroding access to the City for those who can't wait for non existent buses hundreds of Metres from both home and destinations. Unaccountable arrogant in effect anonymous Mandarins and Mandarinas.
They are trying to overwhelm reality using power and money. Pana is empty frequently now, Billy McGill's daily photo project proves it. Traders are showing accounts 35% down. City Hall say Footfall is up. What Footfall? Where exactly? Compared to before the Christmas period in a recovering/booming economy? There is not an iota of credibility in their Spin. It is worth remembering this is the same City Hall which for years paid it's Lord Mayor more than any European President.
If the ban was lifted what would traders blame in three months time if town is still struggling?
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