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Old 28-09-2014, 02:46 PM
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Default Leave those Flies Alone

Ken associates himself with anything of media or popular interest.
He has become like Boris, a sort of media pet. When the press want a comment on absolutely anything, call Kenny. His statements, quotes, and photo ops outnumber the actual Lord Mayor by 18:1

The PD campaign afforded him the opportunity to MC myriad events surrounding the release of the Urquart song. A huge choir of volunteers took over the English Market for an evening, and so on. The impression being given that KOF was the main instigator of all this good stuff.

I would suggest that this resulted in his current position as Deputy Lord Mayor. Nobody in City Hall, not even Fianna Fail (who have been repeatedly shamed by that family) take this guy seriously.
But Muppets can slip into positions of power nevertheless. Greased up and slipped in by a dumb complicit media.

The Charity links have worked well for Ken. He has formed some sort of legal umbrella to continue and expand with this in mind.

Cork Charity Foundation Limited was set up on Tue the 5th of Mar 2013 in Co. Cork. Their current status is Normal. The company's current directors Michael Mulcahy, Pat Fenton and Kenneth O'Flynn have been the director of 27 other Irish companies between them; 7 of which are now closed.
It is wonderful to see such concern for the weaker in society. This extends to all manner of creatures great and small. Ken stands up for the dignity of our smallest winged brethern.


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