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Originally Posted by Cloudy O'Ranieri View Post

This is PRoC artistry right here. Beautiful.
You're beautiful Dan . You claim to be from Midleton have no clue about the football club in Knockgrifin hates lads having a few pints after losing a Hurling County final in Ballinacurra where you almost wanted to have the special branch called because the Imokilly lads and Midleton lads wanted a few pints together after a game but then you know nothing absolutely nothing about the place only the baby's walk when you wanted Dooley to drive down from Donegal to fight you.
You do realize maybe now that Paul Townend is from Midleton out the Lisgoold road but you don't seem to know the town at all and having multi handles on a sports forum is not good. This is not Fortnite it's a sports forum so man up grow them balls again and have a bit of respect for a great town and great people in Midleton before trying to slate it again on so many levels.
If you don't like heart and emotions your in the wrong Town. Paul gave tears after winning this Gold Cup and he is a proven winner and a champions man. If you knew Midleton like you claim to be from well you would know whom he used to ride ponies with.
Riding a Wille Mullins horse after 6 2nd places and the guy in tears and you don't even know Robert Hollahan RIP and him were great friends again questions your knowledge of Midleton. Danny Morrissey former Cork City player now back with Midleton these guys were best friends growing up .So for once have some bit of pride or dignity in what you say.
There is no way you are from Midleton and I know it just from your talking on here.
You're disgusting comments on the Liam Miller RIP thread to everyonesaying we were GAA heads and then you are trying to lecture people on here about gambling.
I don't need 3 handles on here to say something why do you need 3 handles on a sports forum is beyond Fortnite age profile. What age are you for the love of God. You have more handles than Gordon Ramsey making a Stir Fry in Hawai'i and its the same shite over and over like like a bad omlete .Whereabouts do you live in Midleton?

I don't think you actually know the place at all hopefully Dublin will still take you.
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