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Originally Posted by Happyhonkaman View Post
Dan, Iím not a gambler as well you know, but in any other walk of life breaking even is the absolute base level of business, itís the minimum requirement and considered nothing near success. Are you seriously suggesting it is?
Betting/gambling is different, depending on outlook. If you see it as a leisure activity, breaking even absolutely IS a great result, without question. Imagine if you could have a few pints every week, go to the cinema, watch your favourite team, or whatever, for free over a lifetime.

If you see it as a more serious pursuit then, certainly, very long term breaking even or small profit would be a bit frustrating.

Breaking even, making a small loss or small profit over a four day period, or even quite a more significant period, is absolutely not a disaster by any means.

This is possibly where the breaking point could be for some people: they get frustrated and lose the run of themselves, make bets that they wouldn't usually at stakes that they wouldn't usually, and it can get out of control. But, it doesn't have to. That's where the discipline comes in.

If you don't have a "walk away, tomorrow's another day" attitude towards the game then it isn't for you.
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