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Originally Posted by Redrubies View Post
I have a zippo that I purchased 25 years ago that is of great sentimental value to me. Unfortunately the pin from the hinge has disappeared and I would really like to get it mended so that I can use it once again. Where would you recommend in town to get it repaired? Link k******ed on Zippo site. Nice one.
I was gonna post a thread about this, I've a half dozen of em bust now at this stage and the last one working is on the way out.

I've had them repaired before for free but I used to bring them to a M8 of mine who worked in a jewelers. They fix them and give you a new insert too.

Don't have any receipts but I do have the guarantees, couldn't find anything solid on the net either, google let me down
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...aye, Smaug is fussy about the kind of jigsaw he makes....
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