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Originally Posted by Browser Brody View Post
Hey Folks.

Want to get a full medical and full blood test done in Cork. I donít really have a GP. Essentially I want to get everything tested within reason just to make sure Iím 100% and ship shape.

Heard news of a former colleague not much older than myself that got diagnosed with terminal cancer and itís put the wind up me to go and get myself checked.

Happy Friday !!!
It depends on the age you are for what you need.If your below 45,a bloods test with a GP will do to start with.This will cover your sugars,cholesteral,b lood cells and prostate.Normally when your over 50 they'll do the physical test for prostate.I go every 6 months as i'm over 50.If anything shows up then you may be referred for scans/mri.Don't waste your money spending more than 80.Thats what my fella charges.He rings me up the following week with the results.Also make an appointment for the earliest time in the morning as you'll be fasting from midnight and might be starving later on 😉😉😉
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