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Originally Posted by pubwithnobeer View Post
They came across a service and availed of it, what's the problem? The way the article starts you'd think they picked on survivors at random but wait to mention they were whores
A great bunch of lads

In separate claims made against charity workers, one source told the paper employees organised a ‘full-on Caligula orgy’ filled with girls dressed in Oxfam T-shirts.

They claimed staff had recorded videos of the night, but Oxfam said no recording had been submitted to the investigation.

Even though some of the employees who contacted the Times said they were concerned aid workers had sex with under-age girls. The report found the claim could not be ruled out.

In early August 2011, it was reported a ‘small number’ of employees were being investigated over allegations of gross misconduct.

Other Oxfam workers, not thought to be British, left as a result of the investigation

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Originally Posted by Matlock
If you are interested in the therapy route feel free to PM me where you are based and I can send on some recommendations.
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