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Originally Posted by SpˇirtFest View Post
And is that how every such news is belayed on here? And do every spouse or family feel the need to do it in that way, in order to satisfy the changing winds of the PROC? How manys 'BANG' threads need to be deleted under such parameters?

I feel awful for Liam, he is a friend of many people i know and in fairness, compared to some of the crass threads on here about people passing or in diffciulty, i thought there was a genuine, widespead empathy towards his awful plight, based on the comments....and i genuinely believed, judging by the distress of a guy i know to be a friend of his, that he had passed and i reached out to the bloody proc, whom i'm not as cyncial about as most people, regardless of the the handful of fools who always try to make their mark...but as always score-pointers will always be just that.

All that matters is that he still battles on and please god he will be that unique, wonderful statistic that overcomes and makes so many of us believe for loved ones of our own.
Great post.
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