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Originally Posted by Twiceasnice97 View Post
you are entitled to your opinion.
I am of the view that shefflin was one of the greatest if not the greatest players ever to hurl
Corcoran isn't among the ten best to hurl for cork in my lifetime so to be comparing the two and coming down in faviour of Corcoran is utterly ridiculous
Obviously, everyone is entitled to an opinion. That is why forums exist. I never mentioned Shefflin. He was a better hurler than Corcoran, but not by much.

Opinion 1 - 'Corcoran isn't amongst the top ten hurlers Cork have produced in the last 40 years'. Fair enough, if that is what you believe. I can respect that, which is why I didn't quote that bit in my post. Or the Shefflin bit.

Opinion 2 - 'Corcorcan was utterly peripheral when he returned in the 2000s'. To anyone who saw the games against Kilkenny, Waterford and Galway during this time, this is a minority view unlikely to be shared by credible or reasonable hurling observers. Peripheral players do not dominate All Ireland Finals, but you are still entitled to that opinion.
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