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Originally Posted by shez1987 View Post
Ask Noel Hickey how utterly peripheral Corcoran was in the 2004 All Ireland Final, when Hickey was moved off him into the corner after getting beat up a stick.

Cork wouldn't have beaten Waterford in 2005 without Corcoran. On a day when the other Cork forwards struggled, Brian took over that particular game near the end. His experience was key in tight games like that.

Clare yahoos in the stands remember fondly the moment Corcoran was taken off in the All Ireland Semi-Final that year. Four weeks later, he was dissecting the posts against Galway in another All Ireland Final.

If Corcoran was 'solid' as a hurler, then Clare have been solid in the history of hurling for 98 years. Both won three All Irelands. Corcoran has more football medals than Clare though. The joys of been a 'medal chaser' and multi-talented.

you are entitled to your opinion.
I am of the view that shefflin was one of the greatest if not the greatest players ever to hurl
Corcoran isn't among the ten best to hurl for cork in my lifetime so to be comparing the two and coming down in faviour of Corcoran is utterly ridiculous
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