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Originally Posted by Twiceasnice97 View Post
Are you off your head.
Shefflin is arguably the greatest player ever to play the game.
Corcoran isn't in the top Ten Cork players of the last 40 years let alone better than Shefflin .
he is a player that is totally overrated by the cork support.
In the 90s It always looked like clare targeted him by having the left half forward abandon his man and force him to strike off his left which was weak
he was solid in a good team
looked good in a poor team and utterly peripheral when he came back medal chasing in the 2000s.
He had a massive season as a 19 year old and the impact of that stayed with cork supporters through his career.

Cork would have won what they won without him from 03 on in my view.
Twice - you generally appear to know what you are talking about but I'm afraid in this instance you are talking total bollox. Name another IC hurler in any generation who has excelled at the top level as a corner back, a dominating centre back and after taking a few years out of the game to then come back and win two AI medals and an Allstar as a full forward. This man is an absolute legend of the game so please dont come on a Cork GAA forum and belittle him. And for good measure he also played IC football at the top level. Show a small bit of respect man.
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