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Originally Posted by How bad boy View Post
Very nice app, works well on the anaemic HTC Wildfire running Froyo. Fair dues lads.

Two minor points (and I mean seriously minor points)
1. The Whens Me Bus needs an apostrophe, i.e. When's Me Bus?

2. I'd make the call buttons bigger, or at the top. You need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Looks like a nice function, but I only noticed them because I looked for phone access as I thought "Huh?" when installing the app required full access to call services. They're a little hidden at the bottom of the page there.
Thanks for the comments.

1. The iphone is the issue here as the text will wrap if one more character is added. An apostrophe and a question mark is needed really but if it wraps around to two lines it looks gammy. This feature was added very late on and is server side (iphone and android versions both "look" at the same CSS layout) so we may fix this down the line. We've been at this since May so there's a point where we had to draw a line. Obviously we could just call it "Bus times" but we like "When's Me Bus?" too....

2. Yes, we agree with this but several people also commented that the "find venue" button which is also at the bottom should also be moved up too and space is limited. Obviously we can't have everything above the fold. Calling the venues/cinemas isn't as big a priority as the gig/movie details so we decided to leave it at the bottom for now. It may change though and as that code is server side it wouldn't require an app update. Also, once you know that those buttons are there anytime you want to call a venue or cinema you'll know where to look but yes, we may look at that in the future.
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