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Icecream Blowout
When Paul the Penguin launches an ice cream ball at you, hit it with your mouse. The further away the ball is when you hit it the more points you get.
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Icecream Blowout High Scores
# User Name Score Comment Time Length
Icecream Blowout Champion!
No Comment
00:27, 12th Aug 2008 278 secs
2 go on the dan  8450 
ha............ ha.........
20:04, 26th Feb 2006 51 secs
3 knobarse  6100 
how did you manage that?
19:20, 2nd Mar 2006 55 secs
4 knobarse  6075 
back down you go! btw paul is the penguin.
19:26, 25th Feb 2006 53 secs
5 go on the dan  5650 
back where i belong...who is paul?
12:07, 22nd Feb 2006 52 secs
6 knobarse  5550 
Ha ha, fuck you paul!
20:41, 15th Feb 2006 56 secs
7 knobarse  5500 
No Comment
19:17, 25th Feb 2006 54 secs
8 knobarse  5375 
No Comment
19:25, 25th Feb 2006 52 secs
9 knobarse  5300 
No Comment
19:21, 25th Feb 2006 53 secs
10 elwood blues  5200 
No Comment
12:39, 20th Sep 2007 51 secs

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