Sat Jul 14 2018

Joe Rooney (Fr Damo -fr Ted) Ross Browne and Guests..

City Limits, Coburg St.
Doors 9:00 pm - Admission: 15/18 euros

Joe Rooney is best known from his roles in Killinaskully & Fr Ted. After a nationwide tour with Pat Shortt, Joe Rooney embarked on his own tour culminating in a sold out show in Vicar St.
He starred in the hit RTE comedy series, "Killinaskully" as the character "Timmy Higgins"
Joe is probably best known for his role as Father Damo in the "Father Ted" series.

“Rooney is very funny, but it is with his guitar in his hands that he becomes un missable his impressions of seventies rockers singing nursery rhymes brings tears to the eyes “ The Stage

"Rooney is a refreshing change." The Sunday Times

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