Sat Jul 21 2018

Killing Stella - Gaitkrash's Brand New Adaptation

The Everyman, MacCurtain St.
Doors 8:00 pm - Admission: €20 | Concession €18 | Students €9

Gaitkrash‘s Killing Stella is a show that challenges the boundaries of theatre, sound, image and choreography with a stellar text and cast. You will be amused, baffled, moved, disturbed – possibly all at the same time! – and guaranteed a show that will linger long after you’ve left the theatre. Stella is dead, the funeral is over and Anna’s husband, Richard, has taken the children to his mother’s for the weekend. Alone at last, Anna has two days ahead of her to make sense of the catastrophe that ensues when she takes the 19-year-old Stella into her home. She can’t help the baby bird shrieking in the garden for its mother, but she could have helped Stella. Killing Stella is inspired by Marlen Haushofer’s compelling novella Wir töten Stella (Austria, 1958), an unflinching story of collusion in abuse, and the price that has to be paid for remaining silent. In keeping with Gaitkrash’s signature exploration across art forms to create cutting-edge theatre, the performers, Bernadette Cronin (actor) and Eimear Reidy (cello), create a multi-layered language of performance to tell this story of the subtle abuse of a powerless young woman, the trauma of teenage pregnancy, and the damage that unfolds when the witness remains silent. Original composition, visual aesthetic, movement and monologue are interwoven to form a finely-tuned and tightly spun tapestry. AGE RECOMMENDATION 12A RUNNING TIME 70min PRESENTED BY GAITKRASH THEATRE COMPANY DIRECTED BY REGINA CROWLEY STARRING BERNADETTE CRONIN & EIMEAR REIDY

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