Thu May 17 2018

The Complete Beethoven Cycle 9

Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St.
Doors 6:30 pm - Admission: €12/€10

RTÉ Contempo Quartet – Beethoven Music for a Later Age
Andrew Hamilton New work (RTÉ commission)
Beethoven String Quartet, Op. 133, ‘Grosse Fugue’
Beethoven String Quartet No. 14, Op. 131 in C-sharp minor
Beethoven’s late Quartets set the standard for the string quartets that followed them. The Grosse Fugue and Op. 131 Quartet are works of spiritual dimensions, intensely felt and profoundly moving. Andrew Hamilton’s new RTÉ-commissioned work offers a contemporary commentary on Beethoven’s legacy.
Beethoven’s late Quartets reached an unparallelled peak of inspiration. Couched in music of daunting complexity, they seem pregnant with ideas and emotions and communicate with compelling directness, their every utterance movingly profound.
Originally the finale to his Op. 131 Quartet, the Grosse Fugue is a granitic, gnarly and gnomic creation. It confounded public and pundits alike – who considered it provocatively modern – at its 1826 premiere.

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