Fri May 25 2018

The Harleys

Reardens, Washington St.
Doors 10:30 pm - Admission: Free before 11pm

Formed in 2011, The Harleys are the most sought after act in the Irish Corporate and Wedding markets. For venues and festivals, Ireland just loves this band! With regard to musicianship, there is no question - The Harleys are out on their own. Already, the diary for 2018 is well and truly filling up with 2017 promising a record number of gigs in Ireland and abroad. They have a superb ongoing working relationship with, and on behalf of, Radio Nova. Today FM have taken the band away on tour with them to Austria and RTE have also hired The Harleys to front their orchestra live on The Late Late Show. ĎA Listí Endorsers from the land of celebrity - to top musicians and music peers of the band all agree; when it comes to covers, The Harleys have set the bar. Just back from their recent tour of the Middle East in March 2016, the Wedding and Corporate season is kicking off with great excitement about the guys work.

They have carved out a very tight niche in the market that gets back to the roots of playing real live music in amazing venues. It is, all the guys all agree, a return to the way the music scene was in the 80ís and 90ís. The fact is, people go out to see this band Ė and for good reason. Couples check the availability before booking their wedding date! They are the hardest working band the country has seen in decades. From Donegal to Cork, Galway to Dublin; London, Europe and the Middle East, what you get with The Harleys is a proper, full time touring act with a proper sound and lighting system. So please, take a look at the website, get to a gig and keep the rock n roll revival going!

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