Fri May 18 2018

10 Ways To Wellbeing At Work

Dzogchen Beara Buddhist Centre
Doors 8:00 pm - Admission: €260

ork takes up such a huge part of our life. We spend more time with work colleagues than our family and friends. We invest our talent, our inspiration and our hopes of fulfillment in a job, where we can only have limited control. \r\n\r\nSometimes just keeping up with it all can make us feel things have got out of balance.If you have visited Dzogchen Beara before, you will already have experienced the amazing effect that the environment here has on your state of mind. For people coming for the first time, you will see that simply to arrive is to leave something of your worries and problems behind.\r\n\r\nDzogchen Beara is the perfect place to take time out to explore the ways in which you approach your work that helps to increase your well-being and where your habits mean that it becomes a source of frustration and stress.During this weekend we will explore 10 comprehensive ways to enhance your wellbeing at work.We will look at how your attitudes and assumptions can undermine your very best aspirations to do your work well.There will be lots of opportunities to work with meditation and compassion techniques that enable us to reassess how we are working and help us to reconnect with what is important. \r\n\r\nThe reasons we chose our career path in the first place!We will also take a look at the compelling scientific research that backs up the explorations that we will be undertaking together on this weekend.You will have a personal workbook to support you and the relaxed schedule will allow space and time for discussion, interaction as well as quiet contemplation.Maureen is a very experienced professional coach, mentor and meditation teacher, and she will make sure that you leave Dzogchen Beara recharged and renewed, with a rich selection of 10 easy-to-practice ways to continue to care for your wellbeing at work!

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