Sat Mar 17 2018

Pontious Pilate & The Naildrivers

Crane Lane Theatre, Phoenix St.
Doors 2:00 pm - Admission: FREE

Playing together for over 10 years to rave reviews, including sharing the stage with such luminaries as The Undertones, Bad Manners and The Selecter, The Naildrivers energise audiences with their note perfect covers of music of the late seventies and early eighties. Bands like The Specials, The Beat, The Selector, Bad Manners, Madness , The Jam, The Clash, The Undertones and The Buzzcocks come to life at the hands of The Naildrivers. Combining this musical pedigree with their own original material which fits into their set seemlessly. The music they play can be described by many people in many different ways, ska, rock, punk, whatever, but at the end of the day itís just good music thatís fun to dance to, as can be seen at any of their gigs, both the band and the audience generally end up in a lather of sweat, smiles and satisfied exhaustion

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