Tue Mar 13 2018

The Dead Edwards Band

Crane Lane Theatre, Phoenix St.
Doors 11:50 pm - Admission: FREE

The Dead Edward‘s Band are a collective of musicians from various bands including The Vincent(s), The Jollars,TheGreat Balloon Race and Oiche Samhain. The four lads have been gigging around the country and Europe for the past 10 years and recently came together to honor those that influenced their collective sounds.

From Nick Cave to Chris Issac, Or Tom Waits to Echo and the Bunnymen .. Many artists and genres have shaped their sounds over the years, but none so much as 80’s post-punk bands like Joy Division, Bauhaus, Tuxedomoon and Iggy Pop.
Expect a high-fueled night of energy with these lads, as they will give you nothing less. You might even recognize a few hidden gems somewhere deep in the noise.

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