Sat Mar 10 2018


Crane Lane Theatre, Phoenix St.
Doors 8:30 pm - Admission: €25

We are honored to invite you to the Kobranock band concert.
The band in their over 25 years of active existence supported such stars as Guns n Roses or Scorpions.
In Poland, the band has been invited many times to the largest media events, such as Woodstock, Sopot, Opole, Jarocin.
The performance will be supported by the band “Noble Dogs”

Kobranock – legendary band from Toruń, that has been playing for you continuously for more than twenty five years !!! The leader of the band is Kobra – Andrzej Kraiński, vocalist and guitarist. The second founder of the band was Szybka Kazik, who plays to this day (with a break of several years for a solo project – “Attractive Kazimierz”). Piotr “Vysol” Wysocki has been present for over twenty years. After many years of playing with musicians from outside Toruń, from 2005 the second guitarist is Jacek Moczadło.

A very important founding member is the song writer – Ordynat Michorowski – the head of the unit of a closed psychiatric hospital … Kobra met Ordynat for “military” reasons in 1984, the doctor showed his texts (among others, “Letter from the polygon”). As the would-be soldier says: “the only way out was to set up a band.” Originally, the band was called the Flying Urinal. It all began with a one-off performance, because the band did not provide for commercial activities, only underground. But after the first successful concert, he co-opted the composition of Waldek Zaborowski playing the saxophone and changed to Kobranocka.

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