Thu Mar 8 2012


The Oliver Plunkett
Doors 9:00 pm - Admission: FREE

At the heart of a musical city The Oliver Plunkett stage comes to life bringing a unique experience on the 8th March. Get ready to feel it and come alive: "Spring” into Rebel Diversity – The European Gig. The Singer is from Manchester - Colette Forde. Guitarist from Poland - Bartosz Kondrat Organised by a Hungarian – David Laszlo, however the audience, European! The aim of this Free Concert is to bring together Irish Nationals and Non Irish Nationals living in Cork sharing the common language, which is called Music. The nearly one and a half hour concert will be filled with well known songs for everybody and also a collection of original tracks from the singer. All those who like good music, good company and like having fun, or simply want to chat with Rebels, then you will be at the right event in March at The Oliver Plunkett. Be one of the Rebels.... Be a part of Rebel Diversity! more info: