Fri Mar 23 2012

The Dan Clan

The Oliver Plunkett
Doors 10:00 pm - Admission: FREE

The Dan Clan- In the annals of music history, there have been few artists who were able to break new ground and create a unique sound. Few can argue that Walter Brecker and Donald Fagen belong in that select group. Their musical style of combining rock, pop, and jazz has influenced many musicians over the past 35 years, especially the members of The Dan Clan, a ten piece band from Cork.. The band consists of keyboards, bass, drums, two guitars, backing vocals, and a horn section. These musicians got together with one thing in common; the love and respect for the music of Steely Dan. Their passion is conveyed in their performance of the various songs from different parts of the Steely Dan era. So, give a listen and even close your eyes and you will be in for a “Thrill that you Can’t Buy”.

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